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Jim Cornette Claims The Fiend Is “Pretty Much Done”

Bray Wyatt aka the fiend has not been seen since his WWE release in July 2021. This came a surprise to many fans following Wrestlemania match with Randy Orton. The Fiend hasn't made any appearances and hasn't shown up anywhere in the wrestling industry.

According to Jim Cornette speaking on drive thru podcast Jim Claims that Bray has backed himself into a corner and what his next move will be

"What do you do to a guy in the wrestling business after you’ve f*cking burned him alive on national television? He’s pretty much done. He’s going to start over somewhere, doing something if he wants to stay in the wrestling business. And nobody’s going to give him seven figures a year to start over and do something different. And The Fiend would be roundly booed out of the building in AEW.

Maybe the guy Bray Wyatt, they’d love him. They can’t do The Fiend. The fans wouldn’t like it and they don’t have the budget. They ain’t going to pay Bray Wyatt millions of dollars to try something from scratch. So, he’s in a little bit of a pickle."

Many believe the fiend will eventually show up in AEW. But one WWE Hall of Fame unamed wouldn't be surprised if the fiend returns to WWE

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