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Kenny Omega speaks on AEW Brawl Out

Kenny Omega was on The Sessions With Renee Paquette and spoke about the AEW Brawl out after ALL OUT

"It's a shame the general public aren't ever going to know what went down and how it could have been prevented, how it could have ended differently. That's how things go in a big business operation. I don't think anyone is happy or proud that it happened or anything like that. I think across the board everyone thinks it was a terrible situation that was unnecessary,"
"Yeah, I really do (feel the atmosphere has cleared up). There was a time where, and I can understand the confusion, it's sort of like 'Hey, we know this thing happened, we heard this thing happened, it's all over the dirt sheets, why don't we know what happened?' And we're gone and we're kind of sworn to secrecy. We can't say anything legally. So that was the poopy part where it was like 'Well why doesn't anyone tell us what's happening?' and then you're forced to form your own opinions.
"What's important was no one was seriously injured emerging from that and I'm so thankful for that. We've moved on with life, I'm completely fine. It doesn't dictate what I do, what I say, I'm sure The Bucks are in the same boat."

He then spoke words directed at Ace Steel and CM Punk

"I can't speak to the other parties, hopefully they are doing well and I mean that."

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