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Maria In Talks With Tony Kahn Again?

Maria Kanellis reportedly recently held talks with Ring of Honor owner Tony Khan over ROH’s Women’s division, according to Fightful Select.

It was reported that they held a recent interview with Kanellis, who stated that she recently had a “very good” 30-45 minute conversation with Khan discussing ROH’s Women’s Division and her desire to help out with the booking for it. Kanellis reportedly currently believes that she and Khan likely will have another talk once ROH makes its official re-debut.

It was also reported that Kanellis stated that her plans to help out ROH are not from a talent perspective due to her believing that the nature of her current contract with Impact Wrestling will not be affected by that work.

In regards to her contract with Impact, Kanellis stated that she currently has a few more months remaining on it.

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