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MJF deletes tweet after defending former NXT superstar

Last month WWE released a handful of Talent more specifically from the NXT brand. One of those stars was (Nash Carter) Zachary Wentz after a image had surfaced on twitter of him impersonating Adolf Hitler. His ex wife Kimber Lee had posted the picture to social media. She Also claimed that Carter physically and emotionally abused her during their marriage.

AEW star MJF defended the former NXT Tag Team Champion on Twitter

“I lived with this man. He’s not an antisemite. Stop virtue signaling and let the man do his job.”

MJF later deleted the tweet not wanting to wrap himself up in a scandal he has no part of. Despite Carter making an apology however there is no excuse for his actions. Nash Carter will make his first post-WWE appearance at an event for Circle 6 & No Peace Underground in Orlando, FL this Saturday. He will be using his old ring name, Zachary Wentz.

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