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Natalia Markova is selling her legendary gear

I recently caught up with Natalia Markova and we spoke about her red and black wrestling gear. Natalia had some of her biggest matches and picked up some of her biggest wins in this gear and guess what? It's for sale!

Yes. It means a lot to me because it's was my first gear I fully designed myself and that actually looks like “real” wrestling gear. There is a piece of my soul in it for sure! Plus this gear has been EVERYWHERE! WWE Network, AEW, NWA , SHINE, EVOLVE, ASAP Rocky Yam’s day concert, and many more. It means a lot to me so I want somebody who truly appreciates it to have it.

This gear speaks when you look at it, first it says, "She's sexy but F'N tough". The other thing this gear says, "she’s just advanced to another level". How convenient because Natslia's a gamer!

I've always loved video games so this gear is influenced a lot by Mortal Combat and Final Fantasy.

When Natalia Markova became "The Bad Ass With A Great Ass" yes this gear was there too. If your interested in this gear you better be willing to spend because as Natalia says, "it's not cheap"

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