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New AEW show coming amongst negotiations with WBD

-An announcement of a new deal is expected to be kept very close to the vest and Summer or Fall could be a more likely announcement point.

-The exclusivity window for AEW and WBD to negotiate goes into the summer, unknown when it ends.

-There is a pilot for a new AEW-related program with WBD that was set to be announced for social channels this week. Fightful notes it’s not a reality series.

-WBD has had interest in adding AEW PPVs to MAX for “quite some time.” Every deal WBD makes has MAX in mind.

-If WBD does in fact lose the NBA, “they will be looking at reinvesting funds to maintain their position on cable, as they'll need to look at other properties to help attract viewers. Though we aren't sure if any of that is related to AEW or will affect it in any way.”

[Per FightFul Select]

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