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NWA Has Signed Another Television Deal According To Billy Corgan

The NWA has signed another television deal according to Billy Corgan. He recently spoke with TV Insider, where he revealed to the publication that he just inked NWA’s third television deal. He does however remain secretive about who it’s signed with.

I just signed another TV deal, which I haven’t announced yet. I saw someone in wrestling media wave off the NWA’s success, but I don’t know a lot of companies out there that have three television deals as an independent solely funded by me.

Corgan talks about on the two shows that he makes for the CW app: NWA Powerrr and his ‘Adventures in Carnyland’

We’re really fighting a lot of wars here not only to create a wrestling product that fans will like but also to beat the world’s perception that it can’t be done. That unless you have a billion dollars in your pocket you can’t manifest enough energy,” Corgan continued. “But what people don’t understand is I’m one of the only people in the world who understands how to take something literally from nothing and take it to the top of the mountain multiple times. I know it can be done with faith, dedication, and hard work. It will be interesting to see the behind-the-scenes stuff going on, which by the way is not work, but true and honest stuff that is happening. I insisted on real and organic storylines. It will be interesting to see if people perceive that as integrity or weakness on the part of the company. I think it’s a strength because we have nothing to hide.

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