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NWA’s Nick Aldis won’t be at Hardtimes 3

Nick Aldis revealed on Instagram that he has “gave his notice” to the NWA and will be departing the company.

He citied a breakdown in his relationship with Billy Corgan and went as far as calling NWA a “bad show”. He says he will be a free agent on January 1st.

Nick aldis tweeted this to fans the next day

"Also, fans in NOLA: Sorry to disappoint but I was removed from the shows this weekend after giving my notice. I fully intended to fulfill my obligations to the audience but unfortunately the company doesn't seem to share the same values"

PWInsider has learned that the NWA has suspended Nick Aldis.

“Pursuant to the recent comments made by Nick Aldis, the National Wrestling Alliance, has suspended Aldis from the main roster and effective immediately, Aldis will not appear at the Hard Times 3 PPV.”


Fightful Select has been told that the NWA and Billy Corgan's treatment of Mickie James was a big reason the relationship has apparently soured with Nick Aldis.

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