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Owen Hart, King of Pranks

Owen Hart. You say the name to wrestling fans and it conjures all sorts of emotions, most of which revolve around his death. But there was so much more to Owen than the tragedy that took his life. He was one of the most beloved wrestlers among fans and peers. But what else can you say about a man Chris Jericho calls his hero? Owen Hart was not just “The King of Harts”, he was the King of practical jokes.

Owen would hide tuna or sardines underneath the ring and then cover his body in it to pull a rib on his opponents. One of his main targets for this was often his brother Bret. If he could make his big brother break character and laugh, Owen knew he had won. Steve Austin questioned Bret Hart on his podcast by saying, “didn’t Owen sneak tuna into one of your matches in India? Didn’t Owen put you in a camel clutch while smearing tuna all over your mouth?”. Bret laughed and replied, “I don’t remember, but that sounds like Owen all right”.

Owen had a way of seeing the best in people. He got a long well with the Ultimate Warrior when everyone else had problems with him. The same can be said with Lex Luger. He was having a bit of backstage heat with the boys, but Owen didn’t care; they would became fast friends and roommates on the road. The only thing wrong with Owen loving you was that you also became a target for one of his pranks. On one particular rooming session, Owen got up early and went out to get some women’s underwear. When he got back to the room, he found Luger was in the bathroom showering. Given that this was the perfect opportunity to strike, he quickly hid three types of items in Lugar’s luggage: the women’s underwear, a couple of Polaroid pictures of his penis, and some cutlery. Owen and Luger then made their way to the airport. As Luger is walking through airport security, the alarm goes off. Security personnel search his bags and find it filled with women's underwear and pictures of Owen's junk. Everyone looked on and laughed while Luger stood there embarrassed and red-faced. Beside him was Owen with a giant smile and a gleam In his eye.

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