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Owen Hart's Love Of Pranks Got him payback From Harley Race

As much as Owen Hart was known for his ability in the ring, he's also remembered for just how far he would take pranks against other wrestlers while on the road. With everything from stuffing fish into the turnbuckles or making other wrestlers think they were getting arrested, Hart did it all. One time, however, Hart took it a step too far when he messed with Harley Race's famous chili when the late wrestler invited the roster over for a barbecue as he detailed in his book, King Of The Ring: The Harley Race Story:

One time, Owen Hart was helping himself to a bowl of chili when he saw that Mick Foley was on his way over for the same thing. So Owen quickly dumped some Insanity hot sauce in the ladle after filling his bowl. The only problem was that Mick stirred the chili before taking some. So he essentially spiked the entire batch with hot sauce. Everyone's mouths were on fire that night, and Owen had a good laugh at our expense.

But good old Harley Race wasn't going to let Owen Hart get by without payback, and that exactly what happened the next night:

But in this business, payback can be a bitch. I got Owen back the next night when the guys were wrestling in Topeka, Kansas. After his match, Owen walked out of the shower blissfully unaware of what I had prepared for him. I had a stun gun, and I pressed it right on his bare ass, giving him a good zap.

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