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Paul White is still bringing Captain Insano to AEW

Since coming to AEW, “No more BS” Paul Wight has only wrestled in three matches. However, this could be set to change. Paul Wight’s character from the Waterboy Captain Insano, was only in the movie for a few moments , but it left a lasting impression. Many years later the fans have been waiting for him to make his AEW debut. Paul Wight has revealed on The Rob Brown Show that after AEW had applied for the “Captain Insano” trademark for use in video games, he is getting a costume made so Captain Insano will be “running wild in AEW.”

“We’ve actually secured the rights to Captain Insano, so we are going to break out Captain Insano, he will be coming out in the next couple of months. So that’s why I’ve kind of toned down a little bit on the in-ring performing as well.

We’re kind of just doing the commentary while I’m getting wardrobe put together now for the outfits and Max Dunbar, who is an incredible comic book design guy, helped draw the outfit up for Captain Insano, we’re getting that made now and then before you know it Captain Insano’s gonna be running wild in AEW.”

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