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Queen of Extreme... Liv Morgan!?

Trademarks are a big deal in pro wrestling... and WWE will typically trademark everything they possibly can, based on any usage having been burnt in the past. Now though, they may be the ones on the end of a cease and desist due to Liv Morgan’s new moniker “Queen of Extreme.” That is because Francine of ECW fame applied to trademark the term back in August 2022 and has expressed her unhappiness with the Federation’s continued use of the name for the former Smackdown Women's champion on her podcast.

"Whether I’m in this business another day or another 30 years from now, if I do conventions, I’m going to sign the Queen of Extreme Francine, and I’m going to get that trademark. And if they continue to use it, we’re going to file a cease and desist. And that’s it, because they would do it to me. It’s not me being bitter or, you know, trying to be a jerk about things. I’m trying to protect my brand and protect what I worked hard for."

Francine is synonymous with the original Extreme Championship Wrestling, where she was known as the “Queen of Extreme” and worked as a manager for multiple wrestlers between 1994 and 2001. Once ECW went out of business, she’d appear in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling before turning to the independent circuit. Then WWE had the One Night Stand pay-per-view, and she’d appear during the main event, kicking "Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer in the groin and fighting with Beulah. The event’s success resulted in the Federation bringing it back as a new brand, and they offered her a contract.

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