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RAW Review: June 27,

Happy John Cena day people!

This weeks show started off with Cena backstage being welcomed by everyone. I love that Becky didn’t give a shit. Keeps continuity alive and serves her current story. HI JASON JORDAN!!! Gosh I miss American Alpha…

AnYwAy, the actual show started off with the “last chance battle royale” to qualify for the MITB ladder match…but there’s two spots left. I love that Shinsuke was one of the guys to get an entrance. But not AJ, Ciampa or Dolph? Whatever…. This was a fun match, battle royals are almost always fun. Riddle won with an RKO to the Miz on the apron. I like how strong they presented Veer In one spot. Dijakovic looked impressive they still call him T-bar though huh? Hopefully we get a Ciampa and AJ program soon. Why did T-Bar and Dominik last longer than Ciampa…that is what I leave you with. Actually scratch that, I thought Dolph turned face? Him and Miz worked together a little which got a lot of heat. This was honestly a contender for the best TV battle royal I’ve seen from wwe since I started watching. Riddle and Nakamura is another dream match of mine. They both have legit MMA backgrounds and have a hybrid wrestling Style. I think everyone who was spotlighted in this match benefited from it. Good job WWE!

Winner: Riddle


Backstage promo with the Street Profits and John Cena. They did a “you can’t see me” joke with the camera and I didn’t laugh but I appreciated it if that makes sense. I loved this man. I see a lush coming for the profits.


Throughout the show they sprinkled in wrestler cameos and they got The Big Show, Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho. Of course they had there WWE names but that’s just a given. Including my favorite of all time Kurt Angle.


Next was a video package for Cena which was fantastic and then Cena met Ezekiel backstage…and Austin Theory! This was great, from Theory hyping himself up to Cena walking away during the selfie.


Bianca Belair made her entrance next for her face to face with Carmella. For a few seconds the braid on the Mini-tron made it look like she had a tail. Bianca is my favorite womens wrestler until Bayley comes back. I actually like the remix of Bianca’s music. I hope her music never changes it’s perfect for her. She has so much swagger and makes me feel better about talking with my hands. I like Carmella to. This was a good promo and if wwe treated her like a bigger deal, I’d love for her to he champion. She won’t because Bianca shouldn’t lose it to anyone but Rhea. This segment was almost perfect but it didn’t need to end with the failed cheap shot. If Bianca is winning anyway let Carmella get some more heat and momentum off of that promo and the title program in general.


Next was another Vince McMahon power statement and now I’m here for it honestly. I actually laughed this time, He knows what’s up. He welcomed our John Cena for his celebration. Short and sweet Vince, short and sweet. I remember because I was such a huge Punk fan when I was little I hated John Cena for no reason. Now he’s one of my favorites ever. Congratulations MC Peacemaker on never giving up! He teased another WWE run and I’ll kick a cat or two for a final John Cena run. (no actual cats was harmed in the writing of this review)


Next was Bobby Lashley vs Alpha Academy. I get it, I like Lashley too but Chad Gable is a gosh darn Olympian and I’d honestly rather have Gable be U.S champ than Bobby, he should still be with MVP in the main event scene. Match was cool it didn’t need to exist though. What is the story behind it? I’m always happy to see Gable but when he’s getting beat like this it takes away from it a little. Austin Theory was also an “enforcer” ohhhhh that’s a referee. And Lashley still won? That’s actually dumb. I know it’s the go home raw but they need to consider the long term effects a booking decision like this has.

Winner: Bobby boy


After commercial was a recap of Cody and Seth from HIAC and a interview with Cody himself. This is the first time we have seen Cody since he was attacked by Rollins. He cut a great promo like usual and I enjoyed all of this.


Next was John Cena and Seth Rollins backstage and he brought up when he shifted his face across its axis. Fun promo MVP interrupted and there was just to much drip in one picture.


And finally your main event. Becky Lynch vs Tamina vs Shayna Bayzler vs Xia Li vs Nikki A.S.H vs Doudrop in an elimination match. It was cool it wasn’t as good as the battle royale and the winner was obvious from the jump but the match was good. I personally don’t like Tamina in the ring. She seems lovely in real life but I never thought she was good. Xia Li getting eliminated first is also lame. Becky Lynch won and well yea, she’s on the poster isn’t she?

Winner: Becky Lynch


This show through the John Cena celebration was a 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 show but from then on it was all filler and a decent main event. I’d like Shayna to be a title contender but they’ve nurfed her so much on the main roster I’d honestly like to see her go back to NXT and build her stock back up. Anyway this weeks show balances out to a

🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 because I can’t do half a finger 


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