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Ric Flair says Geraldo Rivera Hired People To Break Into Vince McMahon’s Home During Steroid Scandal

Ric Flair recently talked about a wide range of topics on his To Be The Man podcast. 

During it, Flair was asked if he thinks about Vince McMahon wanting to come back to WWE. When answering, he made claims about Ron Rivera that he has never stated publicly before and nothing has backed up his claims. 

Rivera reported on the WWE scandals in 1992, including an episode where Rita Chatterton appeared to accuse McMahon of rape. This was during the steroid trial.

“I just want him to be happy because I won’t budge on the statement that he built it. He withstood it. He went through all the personal aggravation. I mean, the fights, the bad stuff, everything that anybody that tries to rise to success in business. He went through it all by himself, I’m sure with the support of his family, but them never probably at such a young age truly understanding what it was like for like Geraldo to break into their home and sh*t like that when all that was going down. You know about that right?”Conrad Thompson said, “No.”Flair: “You didn’t know Geraldo broke into their home?”Conrad: “No. What are you talking about?”Flair: “That investigative reporter. Remember him?”Conrad: “I know who Geraldo is. Geraldo broke into Vince’s house?”Flair: “Yeah, it happened when that steroid trial was going on.”Conrad: “No. I had no knowledge of this. This is, what?”Flair: “Yeah, I’m absolutely telling you the truth. I don’t say he broke in physically. He had people do it.”Conrad: “Oh my God, no, I didn’t know that.”Flair: “Well then make sure we get this right, but I’ve been told that by some very close people to the situation.”Flair later said, “Let’s get our facts before this airs so we don’t get lawsuits from Geraldo. I’ve been told that by people that were right there.”

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