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Ricky Steamboat, Won’t Be Coming Out Of Retirement To Wrestle Ric Flair

Fightful Select reported that Steamboat would be the mystery man in a six-man tag featuring Flair Steamboat himself has now stated while doing a virtual signing for Highspots that he was approached but has actually declined the opportunity

“I thought about it for a week and just recently declined on it. I know when I wrestled Jericho at WrestleMania 25, and then we had the return match at Backlash in a singles. At 69, and I know it’s a six-man tag, and I can get a little this and that in, but with all due respect to our fans, I want them to remember me that last time I was in there with Jericho when they chanted, “You still got it,” I don’t want to scar that phrase. It would be a great payday, sure, but I don’t want them thinking, “maybe he should have stayed retired.” -Ricky Steamboat

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