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Tessa NWA Bound?

So news out of the wrestling world is that NWA and Tessa Blanchard were in contract talks at some point this summer about Tessa coming to the ol' stomping grounds of her dad back in the day.

Since she isn't signed to them, something may have happened in the talks and NWA decided to table it for the time being.

She's been out of wrestling for just over 14 months, being released from Impact days before her initial contract was up as their world's heavyweight champion. There were initial reports that she was heading to AEW with her husband Daga but nothing came from that.

She's has had a bad reputation since leaving Impact, being labeled as difficult to work with on top of holding other women wrestlers back, racist rants backstage and bullying other female wrestlers after her termination from Impact. She's been very untouchable while many thought she would wind up either back in WWE or possibly AEW.

I would be surprised if NWA took a chance on her. I know that Thunder Rosa is off on AEW and they need that draw on the women's side of the business, but they have a female focused PPV coming sooner than later and adding her to either that PPV or signing her is more detrimental to the product than the reward of having her on the roster.

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GM Dallas
GM Dallas
21 aug. 2021

I certainly hope so. She is a draw, a massive star & it’s a shame the major companies (AEW & WWE) are afraid of signing her. It’s about time she finds employment doing what she loves.

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