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Thunder Rosa accused of sandbagging Marina Shafir during AEW Dynamite match

Updated: Jun 14, 2022


AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa was recently in action when she issued an open challenge on last week’s Dynamite which was answered by Marina Shafir.

Thunder Rosa vs. Marina Shafir wasn’t a masterpiece by no means and many fans thought the match had some clunky spots.

However one person would take it a notch further. He thought it was a perfect example of a wrestler sandbagging and no-selling for their opponent. Now you and I both know opinions are everywhere and everyone has one. When wrestlers click the like button for these opinions it gives them weight. It was Former AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker as well as Marina Shafir both liked the tweet.

The fan wrote, “It’s been a long time sin I’ve seen a match where somebody so obviously tried to make themselves look better than their opponent by sandbagging and no selling, but I just saw a perfect example of it on Dynamite. It might just look like a bad match to the untrained eye but it’s pretty clear when somebody doesn’t want to play ball. Which sucks because it just makes you and your opponent look bad.”

Rumours have also surfaced that Rosa is difficult to work with with this accusation not helping

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