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Tony Khan Considering Featuring ROH Less On AEW TV

A major criticism of AEW TV this year has been the amount of screen-time offered to Ring of Honor storylines, with the ROH World, Pure, and Tag Champions prominently featured across Dynamite, Rampage and AEW PPVs in 2022.

Without a weekly ROH TV show, the move to feature ROH storylines on AEW TV has been a necessary move - if not a divisive one - but ROH and AEW President Tony Khan said during the pre-Full Gear media call that he is considering reducing the amount of ROH content on AEW TV:

"I'm open to different things, but I've been very open [about the fact that] I'm very interested in weekly Ring Of Honor television in addition to what we're doing now with Warner Brothers Discovery," Khan began. "[It has been] a very lucrative partnership we're pursuing because so far this has been – on a per event basis – the greatest year of Ring of Honor pay-per-view history... I think there is a business case for it in a way that does not cannibalise AEW pay-per-views or live events."

Khan continued, "I do think next year I would potentially re-evaluate that because, yeah I do want to keep the focus on the AEW championships. That’s what the idea is.”

Courtesy of Cultaholic

Photo Credit: AEW/ROH

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