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Vince McMahon’s Relationship With Bray Wyatt Was “So Strange”

Bray Wyatt’s former tag partner Matt Hardy would discuss Vince McMahon and Bray Wyatt‘s strange relationship on his podcast. While Vince did see him as a son, he also treated him with disdain and throw insult at him.

“I almost felt like Vince looked at him like a son in some ways, when he would do things that he liked, he would love him, and he would really give him everything that he could possibly give him. He would bend over backward to try and accommodate him. But then, when he did something he didn’t like, he hated, like he was going to lock him away for good.

It was almost like a really weird, a really strange and different duality that Vince shared with Bray. When he liked him or loved him, he was all about him. But when he disliked him, oh my god, it was really bad, and he would like punish him and insult him. To me, it was so strange. It was almost like a parent.” - Matt Hardy

Fans are anxiously awaiting the Return of Bray Wyatt to Professional wrestling. However his asking price is set rather high. It seems like only AEW, WWE and NJPW could only offer what he's asking. He is currently focusing on his acting career, Appearing in a horror movie last year. Yet he still has been appearing at conventions. Signing autographs, and taking photos with fans.

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