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Vince Russo on the "Stooge Report" of Vince McMahon

The former writer and booker has said that WWE's former Head Honcho would receive a “stooge report” each week informing him of the comments made by Dave Meltzer.

Russo worked with World Wrestling Federation throughout much of the Attitude Era, before leaving for World Championship Wrestling in late 1999.

Speaking on Writing with Russo, the controversial wrestling personality addressed the report, which he insisted didn't influence creative decisions.

“I’m telling you man, when I was in the office of the WWF when I started, it was called the Stooge Report. And {Howard} Finkel was in charge of putting together this Stooge Report and giving it to the people in Vince’s inner circle so they could see what Dave Meltzer was saying about the business.

“But to be honest with you bro, it was provided for entertainment. He had no impact, no say on the wrestling business whatsoever.”

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