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Vince Russo says Vince McMahon recently asked for his thoughts on the WWE product

Vince Russo appeared on the latest episode of Pounding The Meat podcast and he claimed that he had an email exchange with Vince McMahon a couple of months ago. Russo says he reached out to offer his services as a consultant.

“A couple of months ago,” Russo said about his conversation with McMahon. “I was offering my help as a consultant. I didn’t want to be hired, I’m never gonna work in that environment again but I was like ‘bro your show freaking sucks.’ Seriously, are you watching? It was that conversation all over again. How that ended was Vince wanted me to watch Raw for a couple of weeks and give my feedback. I’m like bro I’ll be happy to do that, I ain’t doing that for free. Your product sucks bro, I’m willing to help you. I’m not gonna jump through hoops to help you. If you wanna pay me to critique the show for the next couple of months, I’ll be happy to do that. But I certainly was not gonna do that for free because the product is horrible. I was just looking to help the guy because the product is horrible!”

This isnt the first time this claim has been made as in 2017 Russo said he reached out to McMahon about helping with the WWE product. Last October, Russo said he had his final email exchange with McMahon. He wrote, “After knowing Vince McMahon for 30 years & having great success w/him during my time at WWE–yesterday he & I had our FINAL EXCHANGE. It’s an unfortunate story & sad in many ways, but, Closure is good. Not ready to discuss now, but I will be. Where?"

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