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Will Ospreay Doesn’t Hold Back in the Wrestle Kingdom 17 Post Match Conference

Will didn't hold back in the Post match conference at Wrestle Kingdom 17. Will lost his IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Match against Kenny Omega and had plenty to say

"Are there any questions?. Fine. I'll ask one myself, what is the f*cking point.

I was told as a kid, when I first got into this when I first got into wrestling, its all about sacrifice right? You have to sacrifice alot to be considered the Greatest.

I feel like I've sacrificed enough you know what I mean. I have f*cking sacrificed man.

I get it, we've all got different f*ckin situations right now man but f*ckin hell. You know you get compared to so many people right and people will say you are not as good as this guy or that guy.

All right, I'm not going to say I was handcuffed because that says I couldn't use my arms, that I don't have any creativity right, instead of these last 3 years I've been wearing a belt around my waist and that belt had some f*ckin stone on 'em, and I felt like I was in a f*cking ocean being dragged to the bottom of the water, begging for the f*cking oxygen and these last 3 years.

Some how beyond all belief in f*cking silence, I have been able to find f*cking oxygen and I have given my best f*cking work. I'm finally in a place right, outside of this in the real world in a real f*ckin world or I have a f*ckin genuine happiness and I have friends and I have a family that I f*ckin and I use is to support them.

And I've sacrificed enough to get to here, do I have to f*ckin sacrifice more?

Do I have to f*cking suck because I don't want to anymore all right I don't want to sacrifice enough.

I have seen friends die, I've been told on f*ckin social media before finding out myself

I am, I don't wanna.... I just wanted one f*cking thing man. Just that, I wanted that more than f*cking anything. Of the 3 f*ckin years of this sh!t man.

Fine then, Fine. I will sacrifice, I will sacrifice for one more year and that's it and if I can't turn this sh!t around in one more year now, maybe I need to go elsewhere."

What's next for Will?

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