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WWE Announces Injury To Top Star, “Hell In A Cell” Match To Change?

WWE held there classic show “Saturday Night’s Main Event”. Out of Champaign, Illinois. One if the bigger matches advertised last night was Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins . Just before the match was about to begin, WWE announced that Cody Rhodes was “injured” and Drew McIntyre would take his place in the match. Drew would go on to defeat Rollins, and despite the “injury”. The “American Nightmare”, still ran out to do an after-match chase with Seth Rollins.

“Injury was said by everyone last night to be a torn pec. Hopefully only a partial because a full tear would mean surgery and long recuperation period“ says Dave Melzter

With the news coming just a day before, “Hell in a Cell”. could Cody miss his big main event match versus Seth Rollins inside the demonic structure? The main question on fans minds right now, is how bad is the injury? Or is it minor enough that WWE just wanted him to rest so he’s ready for Sunday?

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