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WWE had no plans to put the belt on Cody before the injury

According to Fightful, sources within WWE said there were no solid plans for Rhodes to win either the WWE and/or WWE Universal Championships at the time Rhodes went down with a torn pec this past June.

This is despite the fact that many people, including wrestlers and staff within WWE figured Rhodes would eventually win one of the titles sooner than later.

Rhodes' injury occurred back when Vince McMahon was still in charge of WWE creative, and Fightful said their sources claim McMahon didn't have an ideas regarding Rhodes holding any of the world titles.

Sources told Fightful the reason behind this was because McMahon was fully behind the idea of continuing Reigns' current run as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, and that there were zero indication that McMahon was preparing for anyone to take the titles off Reigns while he was in still charge.

There is no word on if those plans have changed under WWE’s new regime, spearheaded by Triple H.

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