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WWE's Big Plans for the Fiend

Where things go with Bray Wyatt is anyone's guess... and based on his promo this past Friday on SmackDown, there's a lot left that fans will uncover as the Eater of Worlds wrestles with what appears to be a masked villain or some evil version of himself. Whether the Firefly Funhouse characters get involved, there are people in a Wyatt6 faction joining him or this is just about Wyatt battling his own inner demons is yet to be determined. But, one report suggests the Fiend will play a pivotal role in what happens moving forward.

According to Fightful Select, WWE is planning to continue to featuring the masked character on programming. It appeared on this past Friday's show {and another video leaked that didn't air in North America} with the masked character having more to say, but this won't be the last the WWE Universe sees of whomever or whatever this is.

Bray made his return at Extreme Rules and didn't say much of anything. On the October 14th edition of Smackdown, Wyatt told the fans that he was speaking to them as a person, not a character. He didn't get to finish, before he was interrupted by a figure who was wearing a mask. This "thing" has now appeared twice, but the connection to Wyatt isn't clear. The voice said, "You don't know who you're dealing with. Oh, but you will."

The former Universal champion is reportedly going to be a mainstay on SmackDown, so the expectation is that this masked character will be as well.

What's Next For Wyatt?

There are all sorts of theories out there that discuss what the Federation plans to do with Bray. Surprisingly, there is very little trying to identify who the masked character is. Some believe it's Wyatt playing all the parts. Others believe it might be Bo Dallas, his brother. Time will tell and the storyline involving the Eater of Worlds and whomever works with him will be among the more riveting on WWE television.

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