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AEW Fans Leave Funny Reviews For Mindy's Bakery

Fans are still talking about the AEW All Out media scrum a week ago due to the major drama that happened among some top stars.

After CM Punk unified the redundant AEW World Heavyweight Titles by defeating Jon Moxley at All Out, he ripped Colt Cabana, "Hangman" Adam Page, and the AEW EVPs at the media scrum.

Punk was involved in the brawl at the post-All Out press conference with Kenny Omega, Ace Steel, and The Young Bucks.

During the champion’s time speaking at the scrum, he was casually eating some muffins, which he later gave a shoutout to ‘Mindy’s Bakery’ in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Wrestling fans have left some hilarious reviews for the bakery on Google reviews, as recapped below:

“It’s Mindy’s Bakery, and you know what that means! All elite deliciousness!”

“Unbelievably tasty muffins! Never heard of this place before but was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd give it a try. My dear mother Marsha also enjoyed it. Then I asked her if we can share her bank account and she said yes which is very kind of her. Then I punched Matt in his face. Then Ace bite Kenny etc.”

“Enough sugar and carbs to call out everyone you hate in the Media Scrum. But then again who cares what the media says?! Pudding and Burger is definitely terrific. Go to Mindy's everyone.”

“Great bakery. The real consequences of eating their tasty muffins actually start after a few minutes when your coworkers wanna meet you and find out how tasty were these muffins. They even led to one coworker save a DOG ! Recommended 10/10 especially if you are in a media scrum.”

“Even though I have a joint bank account with my mother, I go to this place every day except of course Monday and Tuesday. I have every receipt. I have every invoice.”

“I have never been to Mindy's Bakery gives me a reason to go to Chicago and talk to the cashiers about colleagues not taking any veteran advice.”

“Look in my eyes, what do you see? Two muffins with moist consistency.”

“My buddy Ace visited here after failing to eat Kenneth Omega. Awesome muffins.”

“My buddy Phil suggested this place to me and wow. Best in the world may I say.”

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