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All Elite Wrestling Goes... All Out!

Pride & championships are on the line... from the NOW Arena in Chicago, Illinios!

Ruby and Ortiz were in a golf cart and ran down Sammy. Soho blasted Tay with a garbage can and then carried her to the ring, before connecting with a DDT on Guevara in the ring. Ortiz followed up with a Death Valley Driver on Sammy.

Sammy launched Melo into Ortiz and spiked him with a Canadian Destroyer, followed by a senton from Guevara. Anna Jay snuck down to ringside and pulled Ruby Soho off the apron, but the Runaway was ready this time and rammed the Jericho Appreciation Society member into the steel ring steps.

Tay superplexed Ruby off the turnbuckles and down onto their male counterparts on the arena floor! Anna interfered, grabbing Soho’s legs. Tay Melo used the Tay-KO to finish off Ruby Soho and pin her!

The champion used a front trip on the challenger. “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard jumped on the apron and distracted HOOK. Parker used the opportunity to hit the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil with a cheap shot. Angelo landed a snap suplex on the champion, who headbutted the challenger after the Jericho Appreciation Society Member taunted him. The FTW champion tossed "Cool Hand" with Judo throws and then an exploder suplex. HOOK countered a brainbuster with RedRum and forced Angelo Parker to tap out!

Matt Menard jumped The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil from behind after the match. Action Bronson was in the front row and he saw enough, jumping into the ring to give HOOK a hand. Bronson and HOOK stood their ground until Parker and Menard retreated.

The challenger stomped on the champion in the corner. PAC planted Sabian with a body slam, then went to the top turnbuckle... but Kip followed him up there. The former Adrian Neville shoved his challenger to the mat, but Sabian fired back with a kick and used a split legged moonsault on the former WWE Cruiserweight champion on the outside.

PAC nailed Kip with a brainbuster on the arena floor! Back in the ring, the AEW All-Atlantic champion dropkicked his challenger in the back of the head, dropping him with a barrage of forearms. Sabian planted the... BASTARD! on the back of his head with a dragon suplex... but the champion returned with one of his own!

PAC climbed to the top turnbuckle, looking for the Black Arrow, but Kip rolled out of the way to create distance, then crowned the former WWE Cruiserweight champion with a DDT. Sabian began talking to the box head that was sitting on the timekeeper’s table: “Tell me what to do.”

The AEW All-Atlantic champion knew what to do though and pinned Kip Sabian after the Black Arrow!

The Stone Pitbull chopped at the chest of the Mad king who fired back with chops of his own.

Eddie finally dropped Ishii with a brutal chop! And then the two wrestlers went right back to chopping each other again! Tomohiro backed Kingston into the corner with chops and forearms.

Eddie hurled Ishii with an underarm suplex and then hit him with a DDT. The Stone Pitbull came back with a suplex on the Mad King, who in turn slapped Tomohiro with an open palm strike. Out of spite seemingly, Ishii rocked Kingston with strikes.

Eddie decked Ishii with a lariat for a two-count. Tomohiro caught Kingston with a lariat, right under the jaw. then the Mad King rocked the Stone Pitbull with the spinning backfist! Finally, Eddie Kingston used the Northern Lights Bomb and pinned Tomohiro Ishii in an epic fight!

The pay-per-view portion of ALL OUT 2022 began!

The first man to pull the poker chip down wins the match!

ROH Pure champion Wheeler Yuta and Rey Fenix were the first two competitors. Yuta shoved Fenix off the ropes, then followed up with a tope suicida onto a ladder that was propped up against the barricade.

Rush was out next. Wheeler climbed the ladder in the center of the ring, but El Toro Blanco pulled him down, before sending the ROH Pure champion into the ladder with a belly-to-belly suplex. The former ROH World Heavyweight champion took out Fenix on the outside with a flip over the top rope.

Andrade El Idolo was out next, setting up three ladders with Rush. The former NXT Champion used a flipping powerbomb on Yuta from the top of the ladder and down onto another!

Current ROH World Heavyweight champion Claudio Castagnoli was the next entrant, shoving Andrade off two ladders that were connected! Dante Martin was the next competitor out to the ring, where he wasted no time in spring boarded off the ropes to the middle of the ladder. Dante fell onto Claudio’s shoulders but they spilled over the top rope and onto the arena floor.

Penta El Zero Miedo was out to the ring next, spiking Martin with a Canadian Destroyer on the ramp! The former Lucha Underground champion rocked Castagnoli with a backstabber, then spiked Andrade with another Canadian Destroyer on the ladder. Rey Fenix jumped off the top turnbuckle with a frog plash to Rush through a table outside the ring!

Several masked men, cloaked in black, jumped into the ring. One of the men climbed the ladder and pulled down the poker chip. He unmasked and it was Stokely Hathaway. The men surrounded him and laughed. They revealed themselves as Austin Gunn, Colten Gunn, W. Morrissey, Lee Moriarty, and "All Ego" Ethan Page.

“Sympathy for the Devil” began to play while another masked man walked out to the ring. Stokely Hathaway handed the poker chip to the man in the devil mask, who Justin Roberts introduced as the joker entrant. The “joker” was declared the winner. He was about to unmask and then shook his head no.

Don Callis joined the commentary team for this match.

Hangman and Nick Jackson traded offensive maneuvers, reaching a stalemate. They nodded at one another as a sign of mutual respect.

Alex Reynolds and Matt Jackson tagged in. Matt spat at Alex and the Dark Order member used a double leg takedown on his opponent. Kenny tagged in and had a stare down with Adam Page! John Silver grabbed a blind tag and put Omega in a wrist lock. Alex tagged in and they used their tandem offense on the Cleaner, going after his shoulder.

Hangman tagged himself in, but Kenny turned him around and nailed him with a chop. Adam rallied back with a fallaway slam. The Bucks didn’t have any compassion and were all business, stopping Page before he could hit a springboard.

The Elite used a great combination, allowing Omega to get a near fall on their former Bullet Club associate. Dark Order were singled out by the Elite, but Reynolds & Silver rallied back for a (very) near fall on Kenny Omega.

The former AEW World champions wiped each other and the Dark Order with a terminator-dive over the top rope! The momentum shifted after Alex & John used a pendulum bomb on Matt. Luckily for the Elite, the Cleaner was there to break up the pin attempt on Jackson.

Kenny used a V-Trigger and then a Tiger Driver 98 on Hangman for a two-count! Page answered with a buckshot lariat to the back of Omega’s head! The Cleaner ducked and Nick blindsided Adam with a buckshot lariat! Kenny went for the V-Trigger but Page avoided it. Omega tried for a One-Winged Angel on Silver but Johnny Hungy countered it.

Hangman tried for a buckshot lariat, but Kenny ducked and inadvertently hit Silver! Kenny Omega was there to pin John Silver and The Elite became the inaugural AEW World Trios Champions!

Stokely Hathaway was conspicuous by his absence...

After some interference, Athena smashed Leila Grey into the steel guardrail. Jade fired off live rounds with uppercuts to her challenger.

The former Ember Moon connected with a crossbody press for a near fall on the champion. Athena went for the O-face, but Cargill countered it. The Fallen Goddess went over the top with a stunner, for a near fall. Kiera Hogan tried to interfere, but ate a kick from the challenger. It was just enough of a distraction for Jade Cargill to flatten Athena with her Jaded finisher and then pin her!

Lethal spat at Wardlow. The TNT Champion went for the powerbomb, but the Motor City Machine Guns ran into the ring to stop him.

Dax walloped Sabin with a short arm clothesline. The Machine Guns, ever the tag team tacticians, outnumbered Harwood and hit him with a cutter. Dax tagged to Cash, who waffled Shelly with European Uppercuts.

Wardlow tagged in and grabbed Alex & Chris by the throats. They countered his chokeslam attempt, but then he suplexed them! Harwood tagged in and applied a sharpshooter to Shelley. Jay interfered to give his team the upper hand.

Alex dropkicked Wheeler in the knee. The former Black Machismo grabbed it and wrapped it around the steel ring post! FTR came back with the Big Rig on Shelley! The AEW TNT champion nearly decapitated Lethal with a lariat, then hit him with a trio of powerbombs! Wardlow pinned Jay Lethal after a fourth powerbomb!

The Motor City Machine Guns, Sonjay, and Satnam Singh surrounded the ring!

Samoa Joe’s music played and he came down the ramp, knocking down Satnam! Dax’s daughter skipped to the ring and snapped Dutt’s pencil in half! Dax hit him with a lariat, then his daughter added insult to injury and pinned Sonjay!

Hobbs suplexed Starks and then mocked him by imitating his trademark pose. Ricky went for the spear in the corner, but Powerhouse dodged it and Starks’ momentum sent him crashing. Hobbs caught him on the side of the head with a boot for a near fall.

Ricky came out of nowhere with a DDT on his opponent. It was clear that Starks’ neck was bothering him. Powerhouse Hobbs stunned the crowd after he hit the spinebuster on Ricky Starks and pinned him!

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross joined the commentary team for this match.

Swerve Strickland grabbed Anthony Bowens’ ankle and tagged to Keith Lee. Bowens managed to crawl to the counter and tag his partner "Platinum" Max Caster, who tried a shoulder tackle, but Lee didn’t budge. Caster ultimately took him down with a hurracanrana.

The Acclaimed used tandem offense to send the champions to the floor. Swerve In Our Glory regrouped on the outside.

Max tried to shake Keith’s hand, but Mister Mia Yim began to bludgeon him. Swerve tagged in and hit a diving European uppercut on Caster. “Platinum” rocked Keith Lee with a diving cutter.

Bowens hit a neck breaker on Strickland, following up with a suplex for a two-count. Anthony tweaked his knee. WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn gave him a quick pep talk and he tried to shake it off. Swerve shoved Bowens off the turnbuckles, sending the Acclaimed DJ crashing down on the arena floor. Strickland turned up the aggression and kicked at his knee.

Swerve In Our Glory used a knee breaker on Anthony. Lee splashed him for a near fall, then hurled Anthony halfway across the ring! Bowens shocked him larger opponent with a flipping neck breaker and then tagged in the Acclaimed MC.

Platinum Max connected with a diving crossbody press on Keith Lee for a near fall. He tried to pounce Caster, but the TMZ regular moved out of the way and Lee accidentally nailed Swerve! Keith kicked out Bowens’ leg from under him.

Mister Mia Yim climbed to the top turnbuckle, but the Acclaimed MC met him up there. The Acclaimed used an Avalanche Brainbuster on Keith Lee! Strickland wasted no time with a double foot stomp on Anthony for a near fall!

Swerve grabbed the Acclaimed DJ’s leg, but His Rapper dropkicked Strickland from behind, making the save! Bowens grabbed him from the outside and Caster hit the Mic Drop! The WWE Hall of Famer hopped onto the ring apron and got into Keith’s face! Max rocked Lee with a thrust kick, then hoisted him up and then planted him!

Anthony hit the Arrival on Swerve and then Caster followed up with the Mic Drop, but Keith broke up the pin!

Strickland nailed Platinum Max with a Death Valley Driver on the apron, then a back breaker on Bowens. Anthony’s knee gave out, as Swerve was going to kick him in the head. It worked out in the Acclaimed DJ's favour, because this time it was Swerve who hit Lee inadvertently. Swerve In Our Glory still managed to pull things together, as Keith grabbed Anthony in a powerbomb position, while Strickland jumped off the top turnbuckle with a foot stop. They finished off The Acclaimed to retain the gold in a phenomenal battle!

Toni Storm kicked Jamie Hayter in the chest, then blasted her with a dropkick right on target. The former NXT UK Women's champion ran into the ropes, but Britt Baker DMD tripped her up from the outside. Hikaru Shida cradled Hayter for a near fall. Jamie grabbed Shida’s boot and applied the single crab. Baker used a sling blade on Storm and Hikaru.

Hayter uncorked a huge right elbow on Shida, then smashed the former NXT Women's champion in the corner with another elbow. Jamie double suplexed Toni and Shida! Hayter got wrecked by a tope suicida from Toni Storm.

The Mae Young Classic standout and former AEW women's champion chain wrestled in the middle of the ring. Rebel jumped in the ring, but Toni and Shida hit her with a double headbutt!

Hayter and Baker seized the opening and attacked Hikaru and Storm from behind. Jamie planted Shida her at the top of the ramp! Britt smashed her fellow former AEW Womens' champion with a curb stomp on the ramp!

Inside the ring, Jamie Hayter choked Toni Storm, but the latter used a drop toehold on the practicing dentist and then a diving crossbody press on Hayter.

Hikaru returned from the back with two kendo sticks, then whacked Jamie and Britt, before spiking Hayter with a Falcon Arrow. Storm used a German Suplex on Baker, then Hayter broke up the pin and nailed the former NXT UK Women's chamoion with a tombstone piledriver! Britt curb stomped her fellow former AEW Women's champion for a near fall!

Jamie rocked Shida with the rip cord lariat and went to pin her, but Baker pulled the ref out of the ring. The former NXT Women's champion used the Storm Zero on Hayter but Britt Baker tried to steal the pin on Jamie. Toni Storm DDT’ed the practicing dentist, then Jamie Hayter and pinned her.

As Jungle Boy was making his entrance, Luchasaurus came out of the opposite tunnel and choke slammed him onto the steel pyro grid grate!

He then carried his once-again-former friend to the ring and powerbombed Luke Perry's Baby Boy through the timekeeper’s table, directly in front of his mom and sister, who were sitting in the front row.

Jungle Boy told referee Aubrey Edwards to ring the bell. WWE Hall of Famer "Instant Classic" Christian Cage speared his opponent, then ended it with the Kill Switch and pinned Jungle Boy!

Blackpool Combat Club’s William Regal joined the commentary team for this match.

"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson stomped Chris Jericho’s face and the Uberstar of Jerichlean Proportions bailed out of the ring.

Jericho chopped at Danielson with an open palm strike, but he kept his poise, brushing it off. Bryan attempted an arm bar, but Chris transitioned out. The inaugural AEW World Heavyweight champion hit the former WWE World Heavyweight champion with more palm strikes. Y2J planted the American Dragon with a back breaker!

The former WCW Cruiserweight champion went over the top rope to the outside, but the former WWE Heavyweight champion countered with a kick. Danielson followed up with a knee strike off the apron, then connected with a missile dropkick off the top rope.

The American Draon tried for a hurracanrana off the top rope, but the former Undisputed WWE Heavyweight champion countered with the Walls of Jericho!

Bryan rolled through for an inside cradle, getting a near fall on Chris. Danielson rocketed to Jericho on the outside with a tope suicida!

The former WWE World Heavyweight champion jumped off the top rope, looking for the headbutt... but his fellow former WWE Heavyweight champion rolled out of the way. The Uberstar of Jerichlean Proportions tried the lionsault, but the American Dragon got his knees up in defense. Chris hit a tombstone piledriver and then a lionsault for a near fall on Bryan!

Jericho escaped a LeBell Lock and put Danielson in the Walls, but Bryan up-kicked out of it and put Chris in a triangle sleeper. The former WCW Cruiserweight champion sling shot the former ROH World Heavyweight champion’s neck into the bottom rope. The new-school Lioheart put Bella Horizontal Suplex Machine in the Lion Tamer! The American Dragon grabbed the bottom rope, using all of his strength to get out of that hold.

Y2J was growing frustrated with the tenacity of Danielson. The Jericho Appreciation Socialite delivered hammer and anvil elbows to Bryan’s jaw, but he got to his feet and rocked Chris with the running knee. The American Dragon applied the Cattle Mutilation on Lionheart, who got to the ropes, causing Danielson to blister his back with round kicks!

While the ref was distracted, Jericho hit Danielson with a low blow. He blasted Bryan with the Judas Effect and pinned the American Dragon!

The Jericho Appreciation Society came down to help Chris Jericho celebrate his victory!

Miro grabbed Malakai Black and began kicking the life out of him in the corner! Malakai came back with kicks and elbows, then tagged to Buddy Matthews. The former Alexander Rusev grabbed the former Buddy Murphy and splashed him in the corner. Darby Allin wanted to tag in, but Miro wanted more of Buddy by himself.

Darby finally managed to grab the tag and was looking for the Code Red on Matthews but Black came in with a roundhouse kick, before tagging in Brody King... who rag dolled Allin into the turnbuckles.

Darby made the tag to the former Bulgarian Brute but the ref was distracted by Julia Hart and didn’t see it. WWE Hall of Famer Sting grabbed a tag and went to town on Brody and Buddy with backhands and splashes! The former NWA World's Heavyweight champion locked eyes with the former Mordacai Black!

Sting and Malakai slugged it out in the center of the ring, then the former put the latter in the Scorpion Death Lock! King and Matthews kicked the Stinger in the face, freeing up Black.

The former WCW World Heavyweight champion escaped the Dante’s Inferno and tagged Darby. Miro charged at Buddy outside the ring, but Matthews hit the former Rusev, sending him crashing and burning into the steel ring steps! The former AEW TNT champion hit Alexa Bliss' Former Sweet Baboo with a cannonball tope suicida on Buddy! As the ref was checking on Darby, Sting sprayed mist into Malakai’s eyes. Allin rolled up Black with the Last Supper and pinned him!

CM Punk shoved Mox Moxley into the corner and began to knee him, but the kickee turned the kicker around and walloped him with strikes. Punk caught Mox off guard with a roundhouse kick! The former ROH World Heavyweight champion nailed his fellow former WWE Heavyweight champion with the GTS for a near fall!

The Second City Saint jumped at Moxley with a tope suicida, then took the onslaught to teh former Shield member, pummeling him through the fans. Jon shoved CM headfirst into the steel ring post!

Punk was busted wide open and Mox went right after him with strikes and elbows. The Blackpool Combat Club member continued to pummel the laceration, then countered the former Straight Edge Society leader’s bulldog attempt with a knee breaker.

Moxley dropkicked the former ECWWE champion’s knee. Jon followed up with a dragon screw and a figure four. CM spat at his opponent and flipped him off, before applying the Anaconda Vice, which Renee Paquette's Baby Daddy escaped, after biting his attacker. Moxley went for the King Kong Lariat but Punk countered it.

The Second City Saint tried for the elbow off the top rope, but his fellow former WWE Heavyweight champion baited him in and countered with the bulldog choke! The former ROH World Heavyweight champion tried to kick out, but Mox grabbed Punk’s foot and put him in an ankle lock. The former WWE World Heavyweight champion grabbed the ring ropes, but Moxley German Suplexed him.

CM Punk jumped to his feet and rocked Jon with a roundhouse kick. Moxley answered with a King Kong Lariat! The former WWE Heavyweight champions traded strikes, then the former Dean Ambrose blocked the GTS and followed up with the Death Rider! Punk kicked out at the two-count!

Mox put the former ROH World Heavyweight champion in the bulldog choke again! The Second City Savior found the strength to lift Moxley up and hammer him with the GTS!

CM Punk hoisted Jon Moxley for a second GTS and pinned him!

As the champion stood with the belt, the arena lights went out! On the screen, the masked ‘joker’ from earlier in the night revealed himself to be Maxwell Jacob Friedman! Punk held up his championship in the ring and MJF gestured around his waist, motioning for a championship belt and then flipped off the crowd.

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