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Billy Graham "Sickened" By Ric Flair's Retirement Match

The former World Wide Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight champion to to his Facebook recently, with the following...

"Everything has been said that needs to be said about Ric Flair's last match. I am personally sickened by this deplorable display of an old man trying to become a young man for the last time. His defiant return to drinking hard liquor and bragging about it, despite the doctors who fought to save his life has made it impossible for me to have one ounce of respect for him. When you spit in the faces of medical doctors who spent years learning how to save and improve the life of a human being and then that man craps on you, you have crossed the red line. There is no turning back for Ric Flair. He has become an old drunk and his life will now just waste away. Two photographs here for you fans to look at. The one with me with big smiles on our face and the other, blood streaming down Flairs worn out face and body and you can add his worn out soul to that as well. This is one of the most tragic events to have ever happen. Requiem For a Heavyweight.... played out not in a movie but in real life. A very sad movie indeed. Superstar Billy Graham"

Likening the Nature Boy's retirement match to a sad movie, the Superstar has lost all respect for his fellow WWE Hall of Famer, who disregarded the medical advice of doctors to team with his son-in-law, All Elite Wrestling star Andrade El Idolo, in a Tag Team Match against AEW/ROH's Jay Lethal and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett during Starrcast V weekend, in a winning endeavour.

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