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Biography on WWE Hall of Famer Coming Soon

During the latest episode of his podcast, the Olympic Hero chatted about the career of Jason Jordan, who now works behind-the-scenes as a Producer in WWE.

Angle talked about the storyline that revealed that the former American Alpha member was his illegitimate son. Kurt talked about what was supposed to be the payoff & what Jason's thoughts were, on everything.

The former WWE World champion also talked about the upcoming "Biography" on A&E that will air 8pm EST on July 31st, plus WWE had bought the rights to his documentary that was being produced about his life:

"The WWE bought the show from us, the documentary. They changed it up a little bit & made it a little more pro wrestling oriented. But we made a deal with them, that this will air on Peacock next year. They actually added more WWE stuff to it. So next year on Peacock will be more about my personal life growing up & before the WWE, so it's a really well rounded documentary."

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