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Cassie Lee & Shawn Spears Are Having a Baby

Professional wrestling is very much a family business for a lot of people. The McMahons, the Harts, the Guerreros, and the seemingly endless number of wrestlers past and present connected to The Samoan Dynasty. Shawn Spears and Cassie Lee might well be about to start a wrestling dynasty of their very own, announcing to the world that they're expecting their first baby together, earlier this week.

Lee, formerly known as WWE's Peyton Royce, broke the news on Instagram via a montage she put together, begins with the former Tye Dillinger opening a small red box, seemingly unclear on what's inside. The former NXT Superstar opens the box, to discover a positive pregnancy test inside, leading the pair to emotionally celebrate together.

The montage goes on to show ultrasound footage of their future Superstar, as well as a number of pregnancy-themed photos, featuring Cassie and Spears. Lee actually stepped away from wrestling earlier this year after she and Jessica McKay (formerly WWE's Billie Kay) lost the Impact Women's Tag Titles. That decision was made a little more than three months ago, so it's entirely possible it was partly so Lee could step away from the ring to start trying for a baby. Similar to what WWE's Ronda Rousey did a few years ago, when she announced her "Impregnation Vacation".

Shawn Spears Absent From All Elite Wrestling

As for Spears, he remains under contract with AEW, but has been absent from TV for a little more than two months. Again, that may well be connected to the fact that they've been trying for a baby, and are now expecting their first child together. Shawn played a part in MJF's war with Wardlow, but hasn't wrestled since losing to the latter in a cage match.

Huge congratulations to both Cassie Lee and Shawn Spears, and we look forward to welcoming their little one into the world, whenever it is they're due to arrive. Hopefully we won't have to wait that long to see Spears back on AEW, and perhaps in the future we will see Lee and McKay competing somewhere again. While they have stepped away from wrestling for now, there's no telling whether they will want to compete again in the future.

Bookings for this future Superstar will remain closed until 2040.

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