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Chris Jericho Was Once Hospitalized With Pulmonary Embolism

The Inaugural AEW World Heavyweight champion got wrestling fans worried toward the end of 2021, when it was revealed the Wizard had been hospitalized during a tour of the United Kingdom, with his band, Fozzy. The exact reason Y2J wound up in hospital wasn't revealed... until recently, when All Elite Wrestling Head Honcho Tony Khan let the cat out of the bag, revealing Jericho had suffered from blood clots.

Since Khan had revealed 1/2 the story, Chris decided to use Friday's episode of Talk Is Jericho to tell the story in full. Turns out, the Uberstar of Jerichlean Proportions didn't have just 1 blood clot... he had a lot of them. In fact, Jericho had something called a pulmonary embolism. The medical name for some of those bloodclots being in Chris' lungs, so an incredibly serious situation.

The Very 1st UN-DIS-PUTE-TED WWE Heavyweight champion realized something was up, when it became difficult to breathe during a Fozzy show in Newcastle. The former WWE Superstar soldiered on, performing shows in Chester & Bournemouth, but suffering the same problem on both nights. Upon arrival in London for a media day, Jericho was finally hospitalized, where he was diagnosed & doctors went to work on clearing the clots & increasing his blood oxygen level.

“I got to the hospital & I can barely walk. I mean walking across the lobby to get to the car, to go to the hospital, was a real task. It was terrifying,” Le Champion revealed. “They did an ultrasound & found that there was evidence of a clot in my throat. Now, if a clot gets in your throat, that's getting into stroke territory.” The DemoGod was given blood thinners, which cleared the clots, but if any had dislodged, it could've been a very serious situation... perhaps resulting in his death, in a worst-case scenario.

Chris Jericho had to stay in London for an extended period, as he was unable to fly back to the United States until his oxygen level was back to normal. It was also recommended that he lose some visceral fat, which's why he's in notably better shape now, than he was 6 months ago. The leader of the Jericho Appreciation Society bulked up intentionally, for his work in Japan, but has lost 32 pounds since the incident in the United Kingdom. He's all good now, as has been proven by the multiple matches he has had in All Elite Wrestling since.

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