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Did the Young Bucks Just Tease Kenny Omega's Return?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

All Elite Wrestling is in the process of crowning its first Trios Champions, with a tournament currently underway to appoint the first men to hold the titles. The Young Bucks are in the mix. It looked as though "Hangman" Adam Page would join them but a backstage segment on AEW Dynamite last week charted a different course. The former AEW Champion declined the invitation instead teaming up with his old Bullet Club allies, to not stand in the way of his friends in the Dark Order pursuing the titles. As soon as Page was out of the picture, speculation picked up that a returning Kenny Omega might step into the spot. Matt and Nick Jackson seemed to take a subtle step toward hinting at that eventuality on the latest episode of Being The Elite.

Matt Jackson Had A Mysterious Phone Call

The closing moments of the newest episode saw Matt Jackson on his phone, talking to an unidentified caller. Jackson’s final lines were “But are you sure? You're sure you're ready?” As ambiguous as the sentiment might seem, it fits the narrative of The Cleaner returning after missing all of 2022 to date, healing up from injuries.

Moreover, Omega’s long history with The Superkick Party Boys as part of The Elite and BTE itself all seem to fit that if Matt were to take a call from a prospective partner on this show, who’s returning to the ring, it would most likely be Kenny.

Omega's The Most Likely To Team With The Young Bucks

On a media call ahead of AEW Revolution earlier this year, Tony Khan acknowledged the possibility of a Trios Championship, but said, “I’m much more receptive to doing it when Kenny Omega’s back. Because I think that is going to happen, and when Kenny Omega’s back, I think the trios division is that much stronger.” This is a logical enough mindset, particularly given Omega’s ability to deliver great matches and the fresh slate of opponents that could await him in a trios division. It’s always possible Khan had a change of heart or has accepted The Cleaner won’t be back soon, but it seems more likely that the introduction of this title is, indeed, coinciding with the former AEW Champion returning to action. In addition, the tease of "Hangman" Adam Page teaming with The Young Bucks feels like it was either a plausible misdirect to extend the intrigue about whom their partner might be, or else a legitimate backup plan before All Elite Wrestling was certain Kenny would be ready for the tournament.

The Elite, on the whole, have time and time again proven themselves masters of using the BTE platform to deliver fun moments, tease things to come, or offer Easter eggs for their most devout fans without spoiling things or excluding fans who don’t follow them on YouTube. While fans will have to wait to see if Kenny Omega actually returns to team with Nick and Matt Jackson, it’s an appealing premise and offers plenty of reason for AEW fans to tune in to Dynamite this week for The Young Bucks and whoever their partner turns out to be, versus Andrade El Idolo, Rush, and Dragon Lee.

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