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Does William Regal Think Jim Ross' Too Hard on Young Talent?

All Elite Wrestling’s William Regal has said WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross’ perceived ‘harshness’ against new wrestlers is justified.

Speaking on his podcast, Regal discussed Good Ol' JR, who many believe is unnecessarily critical of certain parts of wrestling.

“He gets people who criticize him for calling them out, because he says that’s not a good pin. Well, he’s trying to help you, he’s not trying to hurt you. He’s trying to help you by saying you need to tighten your pin up,’ or, ‘That’s a lackadaisical armbar there.’ Perhaps if you learn how to do it well, he could talk about it & then put you over.”

The former Lord Steve Regal also spoke about his own experience training wrestlers, many of whom seem uninterested in learning.

“I sometimes get that, when I look around the building & I see people on their phones all day long, when you’ve got 1 day a week to try to get better. I would be trying to get better. I would be asking or trying to learn something, right?”

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