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Drew McIntyre Brings Back "Broken Dreams"!?

As was noted earlier today via various sources, Drew McIntyre teased bringing back his "Broken Themes" entrance theme that he used during his early days in WWE.

The Shaman's Harvest song was used during his time on Friday Night SmackDown when he was being pushed as the "Chosen One" and many fans have been clamouring for him to use it again.

McIntyre recently told Quetzalli Bulnes on WWE Español's "El Brunch de WWE" that he has talked about possibly bringing back the song for a big match and he has his "fingers crossed" for that.

As seen in this clip, the former TNA World Heavyweight champion posted a video of himself training for his big match with WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and guess what song's playing in the background?

This would be one of, if not the biggest, match of the former NXT Champion's career, so if he plans on using the theme song again... then it would make sense to use it at Clash at the Castle on Saturday in Cardiff, Wales.

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