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Fan Altercation During AEW Rampage Taping {SPOILERS}

Fans are an important part of professional wrestling, as evidenced by their absence during the COVID-19 pandemic; they make matches more interesting, boosting a wrestler’s morale. Spectators are also in the thick of things, but they can sometimes be disruptive.

Spoilers for this Friday's episode of AEW Rampage, which was taped during with Dynamite on Wednesday, were discussed by Dave Meltzer during Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer reported “There was an altercation between Stokely Hathaway & Lee Moriarty and a fan as they were leaving, which I’m sure won’t be on TV.” (H/T

This isn't new, that something like this has occurred in All Elite Wrestling. In fact, a fan attempted to get into the ring to attack Chris Jericho about a year ago. Thankfully, the fan was extracted without incident.

Fans Exited AEW Taping

Dave also revealed “They had a problem with a pre-tape, and they tried to play it three times; it didn’t play. A lot of people left. It was 11:15pm at this point (before the main event), about half the crowd was gone at this point. About half the crowd was gone, and they had to turn the ring lights down, because so much of the crowd had left, because it had gotten so late and they had so many problems.”

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