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GoFundMe to Help Men on a Mission Member With Medical Costs

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Bobby Horne, known to wrestling fans as Mo from Men on a Mission.

Here's the fundraiser description from his GoFundMe page:

Some of you know Bobby Horne as Sir Mo, part of the former WWF Tag Team Champions, Men on a Mission. Some may know him as a wrestling promoter in Tennessee; or from SOAR Championship Wrestling in Texas... or maybe the Bumps & Bruises Pro Wrestling Schools in Texas & Arkansas. Regardless of how you know him, you know he's a giving man & doesn't often ask for help. Well, friends, he's asked for help & we want to do everything we can to help get him back on his feet.

Bobby Horne has been through the wringer this year. In January, he contracted Covid-19 & we thought we were going to lose him. With being the recipient of a kidney transplant in March of 2018, his immune-suppressing medicines required to allow the kidney to function in his body wouldn't allow him to fight off the virus. He spent 3 weeks in the ICU & then 10 days in a rehabilitation facility. He tells us after the fact, that in some moments, he thought he was already in heaven. But in a moment of clarity, he remembered the things that mattered & held to them, bringing him back for the fight of his life.

After beating Covid, he's had to rely on an oxygen machine to help him breathe & maintain healthy oxygen levels. He was working on a comeback & full recovery, but the tubes & cords were holding him back.

He was going to the doctors' appointments, all of them: Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, sleep studies & his regular family & his long-term kidney specialists.

April 15th, he went back to the emergency room, due to high CO2 levels. This time, it was so serious that he had to be immediately intubated (ventilator) for 2 days... & spent 2 more weeks in the ICU.

He was still fighting the anxiety that comes with not being able to breathe & a fear that the oxygen would run out. Finally, he was rounding the curve & getting on track; anxiety was subsiding, breathing & stamina getting better... & he was getting back to the things & people he loves; promoting wrestling & just weeks from returning to leading training at his wrestling schools.

But then another medical emergency struck. Due to complications of a long-time hernia, he required emergency surgery as his intestines were pushing through his hernia, causing a severe & toxic blockage. The hernia had previously been considered inoperable, due to his kidney transplant. It was no longer an option to hold off, the hernia tried to take him out. But our friend is a fighter, still.

After the emergency surgery & 2 days on the ventilator, we thought things were getting better, but there were additional complications that required him to be taken back for another emergency surgery & to be admitted back into the ICU. Due to these complications, he had to be taken off the immune-suppressing medications, to allow his body to heal. Through this, he's also had to restart dialysis, as the kidney function is minimal at best without the suppression medicines. To recover from these surgeries (multiple in just a few days’ time) & to maintain his compromised oxygen levels after Covid, he was again placed on a ventilator, but this time it was for 2 weeks. Now, there was concern for infection & long-term intubation complications... & the concerns were accurate, he developed pneumonia. Thankfully, the fever was noticed early on & antibiotics were started, but it was decided a tracheotomy was required, to help reduce the stress of ventilation. He’s also been given a feeding tube into his abdomen, as he’s not able to eat... & while this all sounds devastating, we’re told this is a stepping block & the trach & feeding tubes are temporary. He's now been in the hospital for over a month this round, he's still in the ICU & he will require long term rehabilitation when he is released. But he's fighting. He's kicking out.

Bobby Horne is the guy that would LITERALLY give you the shirt off his back & his last bite to eat. I've seen him be hungry, but pass his food to someone who joked they were hungry, because it might not have been a joke. He really will give away his last cent, to help someone else, but he's now in need of financial support to take care of some medical bills because Sir Mo Lives!

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