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Internal Concern For the Recently-Retired Vince McMahon?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

There's a lot more to come on Vince McMahon's decision to retire from WWE.

This was clearly not in his plans, because he said back in March on The Pat McAfee Show that he had no plans of stepping away from wrestling anytime soon and privately (after the 1st Wall Street Journal story broke) he had said that he wasn't going anywhere and things would continue "business as usual."

Wade Keller reports that friends and colleagues have no idea how Vince will handle no longer running the company, because he has no hobbies and no social life, outside of visiting his grandkids.

McMahon is notorious for working a crazy amount of hours with very little sleep, and getting his workouts in late at night; he's been this way since the early 80s, apparently. The Genetic Jackhammer has been working in the business, in some form, since the early 70s, before taking over for his father in 1982.

Some people who know McMahon are worried for him, others are just curious to see how he adjusts to being off the road. Keller stated that a wrestler said, "What the f— will he even do with himself? I worry his health will go downhill from this."

It will be interesting see what else comes out and if more allegations surface, because there are more mainstream media outlets working on stories about Vince McMahon. On Friday, there was an allegation made about the McMahonopolizer allegedly harassing the late Ashley Massaro. WWE Raw will be from Madison Square Garden this Monday. That's Vince's favourite building, so it says a lot that he didn't wait until after that show to announce his retirement.

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