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Jericho says, It’s #F’N@! disrespectful when fans call out wrestling botches

Photo Credit AEW

Chris Jericho was recently on The True Geordie Podcast. Here is the transcript of the interview:

“Things happen in a match. The fucking word I hate the most that fans use is botch. ‘Oh, you botched that one.’ Shut your f*cking mouth. There is no such thing as a botch. This is a live show. Mistakes happen. Why? Because we are human beings and we’re live.”
“If it happens in a hockey game, the fans don’t start chanting in unison ‘You f*cked up, you f*cked up’. If you go to a Broadway play and someone fumbles their lines, people don’t start chanting ‘You f*cked up, you f*cked up.’ You go to a wrestling match and miss a hip toss. People start chanting. That’s bullsh*t. It’s f*cking disrespectful. And wrestling fans walk the line of being disrespectful. WWE Hall of Fame and people are f*cking booing the Bushwhackers for being in the Hall of Fame? F*ck you."
"So that to me is like yeah, I love wrestling fans. If there were no fans there will be no career of Chris Jericho, but you guys gotta keep it in check sometimes and show some respect.” -Chris Jericho

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