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KENTA Unable to Use the GTS in WWE

It’s well known that KENTA came up with the ‘Go To Sleep’ finisher, which CM Punk later “stole” and used as his own.

Over the years, the New Japan Pro Wrestling star has regularly called out the former AEW World Heavyweight champion for appropriating the move from him. This goes all the way back to 2011, when KENTA told the Daily Star the following:

“Please list him up on the wanted list as he stole my move!!”

Despite those comments, it has long been rumoured that it’s been more of a running joke between the two men.

Punk once acknowledged that he “stole it [the move] from KENTA.

Fast forward to Bobby Fish’s recent comments where he said Punk “took a man’s finishing move, which anybody knows pro-wrestling knows that’s kind of f**ked up, and you weren’t even decent enough to change the name.”

KENTA took to Twitter over the weekend to say that he wasn’t able to use the move for almost four years in WWE. He wrote,

“Let the world know.

One of my worst experience in this business is that I was not allowed to use MY finishing move for 4 years.

A move which I created on my own.


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