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Kevin Nash on Suing WCW, Working in TNA

This week on the "Kliq This" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash and Sean Oliver talk about WCW/nWo contracts, merchandise cheques for New World Order in World Championship Wrestling and his royalties on nWo shirts:

"I don't recall ever seeing a merchandise cheque in WCW. Not a dime. The minute they went out of business, I sued. It was a 50/50 split with the company and the three of us each got 16.7%. I still get that quarterly. It's a retirement. It's enough money for me to retire.”

On his time in TNA

"I had fun there, man. I knew the business. I didn't have to argue about cash. I got paid well. I would work five days a month for them. You make 25 grand, I mean, that's for five days work."

Did He Got Along With Dixie Carter?

“Great. I consider her a friend.”

What He Says to Talent Who Ask Him to Watch Their Match

"If I'm at a show or something. I will watch a match, but I always quiz them before and I'll say, 'Well, what story are you guys telling?' If they go, 'What do you mean?' Like, 'What story are you gonna go out there and tell?' 'Oh, we're just gonna do a bunch of fu**ing moves.' 'No, I'm not gonna watch your sh*t.'”

"I don't like anything that is choreographed. When you're up on the corner and you're fu**ing balancing each other and using each other's hand, f*ck that."

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