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Kevin Owens Calls Wrestling Podcaster “Little B*tch” After They Body Shame Him

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Kevin Owens' has been known as one of the best performers on the indies and Ring of Honor. Some fans however doubted if Kevin Owens would make it as a top star in WWE due to his look. He has repeatedly proved all these people wrong, going on to headline WrestleMania against Steve Austin. Nevertheless, some so-called fans are still critical, and one who lists himself as a "WWE insider" due to having a podcast has gone as far as to call him a “lazy, fat sack of sh*t” and “prize eater, not a prize fighter” on Twitter. This, though, clearly didn’t faze Owens, as he would subsequently reveal he’d blocked “that little b*tch a long time ago” and said he’d “kiss my ass” in person.

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