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Matt Cardona Posts Injury Update

After suffering a torn bicep back in May, the former WWE Superstar has been working hard to get himself back fully fit to continue dominating the squared circle.

Ever since his release from the Federation, Matt Cardona has proven his ability to still connect with an audience, innovate, and stay on top of the wrestling world. He was enjoying the best run of his entire career... before GCW Downward Spiral, which is where he suffered the injury that's ruled him out ever since.

The former Long Island Iced Z was getting opportunities to put his fingerprints all over the wrestling scene from Game Changer Wrestling and Impact Wresting, to the National Wrestling Alliance and several other top independent promotions. Whether it be death-matches or classic promos, Cardona has entertained the masses and the wrestling world's now eager to know when he'll be back fighting fit.

Matt Cardona Provides An Injury Update

The former Zack Ryder might not have been able to wrestle during the past few months but he's certainly stayed active with interviews, while he also pushes his podcast and social media, proving his 'Always Ready' slogan is more than just a catchphrase. But with fans eager to see him back inside the squared circle, he spoke to Wrestling Shoot Interview to provide an update on his status.

"I will not get back in the ring unless I'm 100%. Right now, if there was something going down with Ric Flair's last match and they said, 'Hey Matt, the card got shuffled, we need you to wrestle Ric Flair.' Alright, I'd boot those boots on. I'd put that baby oil on and wrestle, but I'm not risking it for anything less than that until I'm 100%,. We're getting there, I'm almost 100%, but I'm not there yet." (H/T to Fightful)

Cardona admitted that there was a 'woe is me' stage after he suffered the injury because he was really thriving in the business, and he had plenty of bookings coming up. Despite that, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion is feeling better post-surgery, as he now tries to beat the doctor's timescale for a return.

"The doctors say 5-6 months, I want to be back in three, but what's it really going to be? Also, do I want to get this surgery? Can I wrestle and fight through this? There was an NWA pay-per-view named after me and now I can't wrestle on it. There were a lot of things on my mind, but I talked to enough doctors, they all suggested the surgery. Once I got the surgery, no more feeling bad, just getting better."

Matt Cardona will now continue to rehab his injury as he prepares to make his return back to the ring, and he has previously claimed he'll be competing in The Wrestling Showcase this September where he's earmarked to face WWE Legend Tatanka, but that remains to be seen.

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