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MJF expected back in AEW 'somewhat soon'

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Photo Credit: AEW

He has been gone from the promotion since the June 1 edition of Dynamite.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is expected to return to AEW in the near future.

MJF has been gone from the company since he appeared on the June 1 edition of AEW Dynamite and cut a promo imploring Tony Khan to fire him. With TV rights fee negotiations likely to begin in a few months, however, he is scheduled to return "somewhat soon."

The situation was addressed by Dave Meltzer in Friday's edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

"MJF is currently scheduled to be returning somewhat soon. We don’t know the exact time but the negotiations for a new TV deal will likely be taking place starting in just a few months and into the spring, so the TV ratings numbers probably September to whenever the deal is closed are the most important to date so this recent drop is the worst time to have a drop," Meltzer wrote.

AEW has not mentioned MJF during his absence from the company. Shortly after his promo on June 1, there was an edict issued to remove him from AEW promotional spots and commercials.

Courtesy of F4wonline

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