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New WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Crowned

Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez are the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, after defeating the team of IYO SKY and Dakota Kai in the main event of Monday Night Raw.

In the tournament finals, all eyes were on these four women to determine who would hold the gold for the first time since May. This marks Aliyah’s first gold in her Federation career thus far. The former Raquel Gonzales is a former NXT Women’s Champion and two-time NXT Women’s Tag Team Co-Champion.

The final moments of the bout had Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair come to ringside to chase Bayley away from the match. Rodriguez had been isolated throughout the back half of the match, battling both her opponents by herself as her partner was laid out at ringside. Once the former NXT Women's champion was away from the ring, Aliyah received the tag from her partner and would drop back down off the apron.

Kai and SKY did not know that she was the legal competitor, which resulted in them still focusing on Rodriguez. Aliyah would sneak in to roll up Dakota to get the victory and win the titles.

After the match, Little Miss Bliss, the Empress of Tomorrow, and the Raw Women's champion would join the winners in the ring, while Damage CTRL was left seething on the ramp. Alexa, Asuka, and Bianca will face Dakota Kai, IYO SKY & Bayley at Clash at the Castle this Saturday.

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