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Pro Wrestling NOAH Champion Not Facing Jail Time

"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin took to Twitter yesterday, to say that he was not charged for stealing protein while in Japan & that he isn't facing jail time.

Sources reported on Saturday that the former NEVER Openweight champion was arrested last weekend, for stealing protein powder & that he was jailed. The report also noted that he could face 5 years in jail. Japan's notoriously very strict on crime.

Elgin was in the Land of the Rising Sun to wrestle for Pro Wrestling NOAH, but it was announced on July 9th that he'd be unable to wrestle on the card in Shizuoka. It was also announced that he would miss the show in Budokan Hall, causing the promotion to have him vacate the GHC Tag Team Titles that he held with Masa Kitamiya.

Michael's full statement is below:

"I’m not going to bother saying what happened, but I am going to say. I was not charged for stealing protein. I am not facing jail time. I’m also not deported. I am going to Canada to be with my family after the passing of an extremely close family member."

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