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Raw: July 11, 2022

This weeks raw kicked off with Bork Lazer in his Most natural state. His pyro came a tad late which made me chuckle a little. People don’t realize how funny some of that stuff looks without the pyro with it.

He was interrupted by Heyman who cut a good promo and I like that they cut to the Usos in the back. It wasn’t a huge thing like “ohhhhhhh shii! Look what Paul saying.” But for a guy who likes details like me I appreciated the subtlety. Theory interrupted Heyman and cut a promo then the beast murdered Alpha Academy.


The first match on the card was Bianca Belair vs Carmella for the RAW Womens Championship. Becky Lynch made her entrance first to be on commentary and she looked pretty cool I can’t knock her outfit this week (still not doin it like Seth though)

Becky cut a promo and she was fantastic like always. This match wasn’t very good and the finish was bad. I could’ve done without this. Nobody came out looking better than before other than Becky maybe.

Winner: Carmella


Next was Miz TV and I always love when the Miz is around. It started out rocky but I like that Ciampa is the Miz’s mercenary of sorts. I loved all this I’m excited for Logan Paul, I never liked him before his Mania match but he’s earned my respect even though that couldn’t matter less to him. AJ Styles interrupted and was followed by Ezekiel and I had fun watching this.


Next was Miz and Ciampa vs AJ Styles and Ezekiel. The match was fun and ended by DQ when Ciampa saw red and beat down AJ Styles in the ring. I usually don’t like DQ finishes but this kind of works for Ciampa character right now.

Winner: AJ Styles and Ezekiel


The Usos was next out for Jimmy Uso vs Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins is underrated and I like the more serious edge the Profits have had lately. I’m excited for Ford to get his singles push but I hope they don’t split him from Angelo to do it. They both fit promos before the match and was interrupted by R Truth. I actually popped for R Truth and I haven’t done that since like 2017. This was a great segment and had a great punch line. Watch this segment it’s pure gold. By the time Omos showed up I got more than enough laughs from this segment. I do love MVP though and it’s nice to see Omos has like actual gear now.


After the break was Omos and the Usos vs The Street Profits and R Truth. They should let Truth have actual matches more. I almost forgot how much fun to watch he is. Dawkins got some shine in the end but took the pin off of a choke bomb from Omos.

Winner: Umos


Next was a backstage promo with Seth Rollins and my favorite interviewer right now Kevin Patrick. Rollins is a top 5 wrestler in the world and it’s not a question.


Next was the main event. Lashley and Riddle vs Theory and Rollins. When I looked at the time on this show and saw they were gave this match 20 minutes I got excited. This was a great main event. Halfway through Dolph Ziggler made his return and he’s one of favorite wrestlers growing up and still is. He stopped Theory from winning with his feet on the ropes and laid him out after the bell. I loved this!

Winner: Riddle and Lashley


This was a fantastic episode of raw other than the womens title match. I enjoyed every segment and almost every match. The main event actually felt like a main event and this show didn’t feel like 3 hours.

This weeks episode gets 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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