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Surprise Canucks Coach, Owens, Surprise Canucks Coach!

On a day when 17- & 18-year-old hockey prospects are sharing some of the greatest moments of their hockey careers, the former WWE Universal champion provided 1 of the weekend's biggest feel-good moments for the head coach of the Vancouver Canucks, Bruce Boudreau.

During an NHL Network interview, Owens happily crashed a segment with Boudreau, to the coach's pleasant surprise. Immediately, Bruce was speechless, with his favorite WWE wrestler in the house.

NHL Network has shared the segment & WWE Raw Talk's Jackie Redmond -- who also covers the NHL -- was also in on the surprise, saying she figured this would make Boudreau's day. The Vancouver Canucks Coach turned red & admitted he was a bit flustered, as the caption "Bruce Boudreau's favorite wrestler" flashed across the screen. Everybody got a Chuckle, as the former WWE Intercontinental champion was flattered. Bruce asked Kevin when he was coming back & the WWE Superstar responded "a couple of weeks". Boudreau then said Owens needed to be on the SummerSlam card, to which K.O. said WWE will decide & then laughed, when the Vancouver Canucks coach said he would be there in his corner, as his 'Captain Lou Albano.' The former NXT Champion said, "You're hired, immediately."

Boudreau said he was like a kid in a candy store & started firing off questions. Among them, he asked if the WWE wrestlers knew when their draft took place & if they were going to Raw or SmackDown; Owens said no. He noted the federation likes to keep them in the dark & get their honest reactions to the selections. Bruce then asked about Kevin becoming a Legend & said "You're not ready to retire yet?" & K.O. said N.O, "I've got a good 10 years left in me."

It was clear the coach of the Canucks was a big fan & he was really taken aback by the surprise appearance of the wrestler he called the best talker in the business. It was a really cool moment & you could see Kevin Owens was giddy that Bruce Boudreau was so happy that they got to meet.

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