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the Cleaner May Soon Sweep Back Into AEW

Good news for fans of All Elite Wrestling, as it appears Kenny Omega might be close to making his return to television & ready to step back into the ring. After missing multiple months nursing an injury, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer recently reported that an Omega return could be right around the corner.

During a recent post, Meltzer explains that the Young Bucks versus FTR III match that was scheduled, is now being held off, because a major angle planned has yet to take place & is in the works. That rumoured angle involves Kenny & Fightful Select is corroborating that report that, in fact, the Cleaner's involved. They've added that the tentative plan going around to certain staff members, is that Omega and the Bucks are slated for a 6-man tag programme for September's All Out PPV.

It wasn't reported who their opponents would be, but that's not the big story here. That Kenny's being booked for a match in September, suggests he'll be back before then, which's great news for the company. Injuries have decimated AEW & it will be great to have some of their bigger names (Omega among them) return.

It's being reported that the rumoured match has yet to be confirmed, thus things can change.

Welcome Return For Omega

The Cleaner hasn't been on All Elite Wrestling programming since November, when he lost his World Championship to "Hangman" Adam Page. Speculation was that Omega was thinking about pushing up his return, to be part of the Forbidden Door show... but didn't want to rush things & risk further injury. It was probably a smart decision, as that event's still being talked about as what could become a yearly thing & Kenny will most certainly be part of future productions.

A healthy Kenny Omega in AEW is better for All Elite Wrestling. His return will be a welcome sight for fans.

Source: the Sportster

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