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The Dusty Rhodes Foundation Has Officially Launched

The goal of this foundation is to help children succeed in sports. They will have a presence @ the Starrcast V event, later this month.

“Our foundation was started in loving memory of 1 of the greatest & most influential professional wrestlers of all time: 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes. Long before he entered the squared circle, Dusty’s dreams began on the playing fields of his youth. He was a gifted athlete, in many sports & his baseball & football abilities earned him a full athletic scholarship, which made him the 1st in his family to attend college.

Throughout Dusty’s storied career, he reached through the television & entertained millions, but a lesser-known passion was his role with youth athletics. Dusty gave this time, talent & treasure to helping children play sports. He was a coach & mentor to many young athletes, some of whom went on to attend college on athletic scholarships themselves.

Dusty was an inspiration to all those who knew him. For his dreams to live on, we must inspire & support the next generation of athletes. Many children today don't have the opportunity to play sports, because of the yearly rising costs associated with organized leagues & travel ball. Additionally, many underserved communities simply don’t have the ability to offer sports programs for children.

By supporting the Dusty Rhodes Foundation, you can help carry out Dusty’s legacy & dreams, by helping children play sports, who couldn’t otherwise. Together we can inspire & support youth athletics in disadvantaged & underserved communities & make a big difference in the lives of these amazing children.

Michelle & The Rhodes Family”

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