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The Possibility of Unifying the AEW & ROH Titles

Death Before Dishonor saw Claudio Castagnoli defeating "The Octopus" Jonathan Gresham for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship. Not only is it the only time the former has held that title despite spending 6 years in Ring Of Honor prior to his WWE run... but it's the first time the Swiss Superman has held a World Title, of any description, in wrestling whatsoever. Long overdue, many fans would agree.

Unifying the AEW & ROH World Titles?

The result was a somewhat surprising situation, considering the circumstances. Prior to last weekend, when Gresham was still champion, it seemed logical to keep him that way as he's more closely associated to ROH... while Castagnoli is presently an AEW star. That appears to have been The Octopus' line of thought too, as the day after Death Before Dishonor the former champ apparently fell out with Khan and is no longer with AEW & ROH.

An All Elite Wrestling star winning the Ring Of Honor title might have some thinking the World Championships might become a single unified title. However, according to Khan, there are no plans to unify the titles.

“I wouldn’t have a hybrid championship or any hybrid championships, I think, between AEW & Ring of Honor,” Tony clarified, during the Death Before Dishonor media call. (via Wrestling Inc.)

In Fact, Expect No AEW/ROH Title Unifications Whatsoever

A blanket statement that appears to cover all titles. That might also mean wrestlers are unable to hold a particular title if they are already the AEW or ROH equivalent. So now that Claudio is ROH Champion, he can't chase Jon Moxley or CM Punk for the AEW Title. Khan may not live by the WWE definition of a wrestler holding two titles. meaning those championships are then unified, though. Otherwise, the AAA, ROH and IWGP Tag Titles would all currently be unified, under FTR's banner. Assuming those other companies decided to agree to that decision.

Even though Tony isn't keen on unifying titles, the booker hasn't been shy about giving the Ring of Honor championships to All Elite Wrestling stars. Not just Castagnoli, but also Wheeler Yuta, who's the ROH Pure Champion, as well as TV Champion Samoa Joe. Exactly who will be involved with ROH on a regular basis will likely remain unclear until AEW's sister promotion has its own weekly show.

Source: the Sportster

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